How to Enroll Your Child in our Early Childhood Center  
  If your child has been evaluated through the Early Intervention Program and the evaluator recommended ABA services, then Hand in Hand Early Childhood Center is an option for you. Services are mandated based on evaluations, assessments, and caregiver input.  
  Schedule a Tour  

Discuss your service options with your Service Coordinator, and contact us to set up a tour at 212-420-1999 ext. 112. Please provide us with all current contact information for the family and the Service Coordinator.

  • The child must meet the following criteria to be considered into the program:
    • Child must be able to walk independently (i.e., ambulatory)
    • Child must be 2 year of age (if child is between 18 months and 2 years, a caregiver must remain on the premises at all times as per Department of Health Regulations)
    • It is recommended that the child have at least 4 months remaining in the Early Intervention Program. If the child has less than 4 months remaining in EI, it may be more beneficial for the child to receive home services as transitions can be very difficult if the child is enrolled in the Center for such a short period of time.
  • It is preferred that Service Coordinators accompany families on the tour. Although this is not a requirement, it will help us to understand where the family is in the Early Intervention process and when meetings are scheduled. If the Service Coordinator cannot be present for the tour, please provide meeting information when the tour is scheduled.
  • At the tour, current information regarding space and available services will be provided; however, this information is subject to change. There are no guarantees on space. Resources and options are discussed at the tour and the family is then directed to use the tour packet and follow the guidelines to request services if desired.
  Next Steps  
  • Let your Service Coordinator know that you are ready to register with us. He/she will contact our Director to check for availability and schedule your child into a session or place him/her on the waiting list.
  • When we have a space available, the Director will contact your Service Coordinator and provide specific paperwork information that is required for enrollment.
  What Documents do I Need?  
  • IFSP – You child's Individualized Family Services Plan (IFSP) must include our Center-based services and be entered correctly in the New York Early Intervention System (NYEIS). Your Service Coordinator will work with our staff to ensure that all the IFSP paperwork is correct.
  • Medical Form – The NYC Department of Health requires each child to have a current updated medical form including physical examination and developmental assessment within 1 year.
  • Up-to-Date Immunizations – Your child's immunizations must be current, and updated annually, or as necessary to reflect all current immunization as per Department of Health policies. You can speak with our staff to confirm what immunizations are required to attend our program.
  • Prescriptions for Occupational Therapy (if this services is on your child's IFSP)
  Starting at the Center  
  • The parent MUST attend the first day of school with your child.
  • Bring in diapers, wipes, and a change of clothes to leave at the Center.
  • On your child's first day of school, you will complete the following registration packet:
    • Blue Emergency Contact Card – includes emergency contact information
    • Parent Agreement
    • Photo/Video Consent Form
    • Email Consent Form
    • Park/Sprinkler Consent Form
    • Early Intervention Obtain/Release Form
  • Additionally, the teacher will work with you to complete additional questionnaires regarding your child's likes and dislikes, how your child communicates his/her wants and needs, standardized assessment materials and questionnaires, as well as any other information that you feel is important for the team working with your child.
  • You will be provided with a communication notebook that will be sent back and forth everyday to encourage daily communication with your child's team.
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